By partnering with Xplor, our team will work with you to curate the ideal physical space, tenant relationships, and marketplace reputation.

In today’s competitive environment, you can trust our experts to listen to your goals and create a management plan to successfully execute; reposition, personnel satisfaction, or bottom-line evaluation, we will help your asset to consistently outperform.

Lease Administration

Xplor offers a fully integrated leasing program to assist with new leases and renewals. Our talented team of leasing agents are prepared to negotiate and coordinate closings, as well as assist with tenant move-ins.

Rent Collection

Providing various options, our office will collect and account for monthly rent payments from tenants. We will also send out delinquency letters and follow-up with tenants to ensure timely payments are made.

Contract Assessment & Management

Perform regular service contract bidding and reviews. Ensure contractors are properly licensed and insured and performing up to contract guidelines and expectations. To lower costs with competitive bidding and negotiation with Xplor’s proven network of service providers.

Comprehensive Accounting

Full-service accounting practices in compliance with generally accepted accounting practices (GAAP) are utilized. Whether it be cash or accrual based, Xplor’s accounting team can meet all your accounting needs.

Operations Management

Supervising and performing the day-today property operations, focusing on maintaining our client’s assets sustainability while scrutinizing expenses with the goal of lowering costs and increasing profitability.

After-Hours Emergency Call Service

Xplor provides 24-hour maintenance services. Utilizing a professionally managed call center, emergency calls are answered by a live operator who directs emergency services to a highly skilled on-call maintenance team.

Vendor Evaluations

Determine most cost-effective method of performing maintenance functions, whether it be with in-house staffing, outside contractors or combination of the two

Financial Reporting

Straightforward and clear to understand, we can provide annual budgets and variance analyses, as well as a multitude of detailed financial statements to provide all necessary information for performance reviews.

Preventative Maintenance Coordination

Provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance program to ensure both the property and equipment are being serviced on regular intervals. This not only increases the asset’s operational life but avoids expensive breakdowns at inopportune times.

Tenant Liaison

Xplor’s Property Managers are the primary contact for Tenants to handle all their maintenance and property related needs. They are trained in handling conflict and meeting the Tenant’s requests to ensure high levels of Tenant satisfaction and low turn-over rates.

Comprehensive Bidding

Third-party services are bid out annually to ensure the asset is receiving greatest service at the best possible price. Xplor uses a network of service providers that have been screened to ensure they are licensed and insured with a proven track record of excellent service.

Quantity Discount Purchasing

Xplor is frequently able to obtain substantial savings and lower operational expenses through competitive bidding and purchasing supplies & parts with bulk pricing. Bulk purchases usually save our clients 15-25% as compared to over-the-counter prices.